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Heartworm Prevention

Mill Creek is offering Proheart injections for your dog.  Instead of trying to remember to give your dog a monthly tablet or chewable, ProHeart is an injection that lasts 6 months!  Please call us with questions.




Current Preventative Promotions

 Heartgard is a beefy chew that you feed your dog once a month to prevent heartworms and intestinal parasites (such as roundworms).

Purchase 12 doses of Heartgard, receive $12 by mail with purchase from the clinic - we will submit the rebate for you!


Vectra is a topical flea and tick preventative.  Not only does it kill fleas and ticks, it also repels them!

 Purchase 6 doses of Vectra 3D, get 3 doses free!

We also carry Frontline, Nexgard, & Revolution - other flea/tick and heartworm preventative products.  Give us a call to find out which product is right for your pet and what special offers are available.

Hills Science Diet and Prescription Diet Rebates

Hills has rebates online for many of their diets! Go to www.hillspet.com and click on the SPECIAL OFFERS tab (under the products tab).  There they list all of the prescription and non-prescription diets that have rebates.  Follow the directions to download your rebate and start saving!


We now recommend Young Again cat food for cats that will not eat any canned diets!  Click above for more information on this product.

Lepto Info

Take the test and see if your dog has leptospirosis exposure.

Puppy Kindergarten

The most important class you'll ever take with your dog!

Start out right with your new puppy. Get help with house training, chewing, and nipping. This class is for puppies that are 8 weeks to 18 weeks. We will focus on socialization, preventing aggression, and preventing behavior problems. Pups are turned loose to play in a structured environment. Curriculum includes paying attention when your name is called, "sit", "lie down", loose leash walking, "wait", coming when called, and "drop it."

Classes are held on Tuesdays from 7:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. for 6 weeks here at Mill Creek Animal Clinic.

Please visit www.advancesinanimalbehavior.com for registration.
Classes are $110.

Sign up today!


We perform laser therapy at Mill Creek Animal Clinic.  Laser therapy can relieve pain, reduce swelling and increase range of motion.  During each painless treatment, laser energy increases cellular function and health which creates an optimal healing environment. Ask us about our success stories or discuss laser therapy options for your pet with a doctor at your next visit.