Chicago Humane Directory

Chicago Humane Directory

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Group Name
ADOPT   630-355-2299
Adopt-A-Pet Isabella Yarnish 847-673-8999
Affenpinsher/Pug Rescue Elana Morgan 773-477-0757
Afghan Rescue Sue Mackler 630-983-5108
Airedale Rescue The Chaloupeks 708-839-8982
Airedale Terrier Rescue Karolyn Simoneet 847-359-3867
Alaskan Malamute Nancy Bigelow 708-532-3326
Anderson Animal Shelter Deanna Davies 847-697-2880
Animal Care League Jamie Damato 708-848-8155
Animals for Awareness Kimberly Schilling 708-361-9330
Animal Protective Assoc. 312-463-6667
Animal Welfare League Terri Sparks 708-636-8586
Animal Welfare Chgo Diane Spyrka 773-667-0088
Assisi Animal Foundation Lee Linklater 815-455-9411
AWARE 847-635-1543
Basenji Rescue Sue Hoyne 847-695-1497
Basset Buddies Rescue INC Arlene Lynch 847-382-5593
  Cathy Howell 847-528-7350
  Tony Koscinski 262-679-8823
Bearded Collie Rescue Jackie Schnute 708-579-3736
Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Audrey A. Tucker 860-667-2663
Belgin Tervuren Robeita Whitesides 630-257-5535
Bernese Mountian Dog-Wisc. Cherie Bond 630-552-9007
Bernese Mtn. Dog Rescue Laurie Boyle 815-741-1430
Bichon Rescue Laura Fox-Meachen 414-878-4446
Bolingbrook Animal Care & Control Linda Laketa 630-226-8682
Boarder Collie Rescue Toni Sikorcin 630-406-1555
Boxer Rebound Inc Jeanette Everett 815-728-0030
Briard Rescue Dave Behrens 630-257-5535
Carin Terrier Rescue Carol Koehmstedt 847-459-4144
CARE Linda Gelb 847-705-2653
Cat Gaurdians Inc. 630-543-3395
CatNap from the Heart Bobbi Meyer 708-352-3914
Cats-R-Purrsons-Too Sister Marion Binder 773-728-6336
Central Midwest Collie Rescue Jenny Roberts 630-305-3140
Central IN Lab Res. & Ad, Inc Tamara Brucher 630-305-3140
Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue Group   312.409.4577
Chicagoland Dog Rescue 773-843-0553
Chicagoland Shih Tzu Club Andersons 773-625-8415
Chihuahua, Chin & Schipperke Resc 708-448-2010
Chow-Chow Club The Degruys 608-756-2008
Chow Rescue of Illinois Alane Pacin 815-744-9215
City of Chicago An. Care & Cont. Nikki Proutsos 312-747-1406
Clumber Spaniel Rescue Libby Stuff 630-739-5614
Collie Rescue of Greater IL Tina Kiselka 630-415-1206
Dairyland Greyhound Adopt. Bonnie Stollenwerk 800-233-3357
Dane 911 Bobbie Rogers 815-634-4137
Doberman Rescue 630-355-2299
DuPage Animal Control Ardith Baker 630-682-7197
English Cocker Spaniel Club Belle Schultz 708-423-0756
English Springer Resc. America Marianne Hill 219-477-1775
Evanston Animal Control 847-866-5080
Felines, Inc Abby Smith 773-465-4132
Flat Coated Retriever Rescue 773-881-0206
Fort Dearborn Bull Terrier Rescue Marcy Bankus 847-658-7822
Four Paws Animal Foundation Arlene Braun 630-504-0089
Fox Terrier Rescue Barb Krynski 847-577-9163
Fox Valley An. Welfare League Nita Conard 630-892-9445
Friends Forever Humane Soc. Mary Jo Dawson 815-232-6164
German Shepard Breed Rescue Marianne Perlman 847-677-0561
German Shorthair Pointer Res. Melinda Metzger 773-883-1322
Golden Opportunities (Retriever) 630-736-2182
Gordon Setter Rescue Kathy Hubbard 815-758-0243
Great Dane Rescue Bobby Rodgers 815-634-4137
Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Lori Darnall 630-831-8157
Great Pyrenees Rescueof Greater Chicago



847-668-PAWS (7297)

Greyhound Pet Connection Candy Schultz 815-568-8403
Greyhounds Only, Inc. Linda LaFoone 847-731-2511
Guardian Angel Basset Res, Inc Fran Gray 708-758-7455
Happy Endings No-Kill An. S. 414-744-3287
Harmony House for Cats Don Wechselberger 773-463-6667
H.E.L.P. Teri Grandt 630-879-8500
Helping Paws Joanne Anderson 815-459-2641
Hinsdale Humane Society Tom Van Winkle 630-323-5630
Homes for Endang/Lost Pets Ruth Church 630-879-8500
Hooved Animal H.S. Lyndia Miller DVM 815-337-5563
Humane Society Calumet Area 219-922-3811
Humane Society of Plainfield Email 815-436-2700
Illinois Cocker Spaniel Rescue Aly Posner 815-943-1201
IL Alaskan Alamote Rescue Vicky Meluso 847-439-6751
Irish Terrier Club Rescue Debra Rybacki 630-420-2271
Irish Wolfhound Rescue Bill Hurless 847-640-7527
Italian Greyhound Rescue Carol Sumbry 414-559-0445
Joliet Animal Control Sharon / Andy 815-725-0333
Kane County Animal Control 630-232-3555
Kay’s Animal Shelter, Inc 847-259-2907
Keeshound Fanciers Patrick & Judy Sleigher 708-795-5110
Keeshound Rescue Lisa 630-980-7636
Keeshound Res. Cent. St. Roxane Baird 847-296-1838
Kendall County Animal Cont. Doris Lein 630-553-9256
Labrador Education & Rescue 847-289-PETS
Lake County An. Cont. 847-949-9925
Lake Shore Animal Shelter Ann Markham 312-409-1162
Midwest Bloodhound Rescue Sandy Singer 630-584-7348
MW Akita Rescue Soc. Deanna O’Brien 773-594-9302
MW English Springer Spaniel Blair Warber 312-642-1279
MW Greyhound Adoption 630-466-4022
NW Labrador Retriever Rescue 847-604-3254
Naperville Humane Society Leah Sullivam 630-420-8989
Noah’s Ark An. Sanctuary, Inc 815-962-2767
No. IL Samoyed Assist. Inc Jean Gilles 847-255-4815
Oak Park Animal Control 708-383-6400
Old English Sheepdog Club Grace Fujikawa 847-446-7381
Orphans of the Storm 847-945-0235
Paws Animal Shelter 815-464-7298
PAWS-Chicago Paula Fasseas 773-244-3246
Petfinder Sue Bartlett-Drennan 630-393-9390
Pet Rescue, Inc 630-893-0030
Pets In Need 815-728-1462
Pets Without Parents 708-389-7118
Puppy Stuff Jodi Alessandrini 217-546-4825
R.A.I.N. (Recycling Animals In Need) Email 815-286-3042
Red Door Animal Shelter Jennifer Whorf 773-764-2242
Rescue A Shar-Pei Deborah Cooper 219-395-9019
Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Kathy Bakken 630-424-8289
SAVE-A-PET 847-740-7788
Second Chance Adoption 630-415-2978
Secondhand Shelties Linda Carbon 630-628-8322
Sheltie Rescue of North IL 708-579-3583
Shih Tzu Rescue Donna Betts 708-645-0730
Siberian Husky Rescue 262-909-2244
Skokie Animal Control 847-933-8484
Society of St. Francis An. Shelt. 414-857-7260
South Side Humane Society 708-720-2440
South Suburban Humane Soc. Carolyn Ainsworth 708-755-7732
Strays Halfway House 630-351-3150
The Anti-Cruelty Society 312-644-8338
The Buddy Foundation Mary Hayashi 847-813-7206
TLC Animal Shelter 708-301-1594
Tree House Animal Foundation David De Funiak 773-784-5488
Tri-County Animal Shelter Judy Lohse 815-288-7387
West Suburban Humane Soc. 630-960-9601
Western Irish Setter Rescue Ann Rice 847-940-1596
Whippet Rescue Kathy Deavenport 815-756-6460
Will County Humane Society 815-741-0645
Willowbrook Wildlife Center 630-942-6200
Winnebago County Animal Center 815-877-3073
Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue Vicky DeGruy 608-756-2008
Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue Email