In Memoriam

In Memoriam


Resized_20160724_172340The name Angel totally ended up being the perfect fit for this sweet handsome boy. He was my shadow, my best little buddy, and my little Angel for 15 years. I could not of asked for a better cat to come into my life. He loved cuddling, playing with his toys, and watching the birds and squirrels outside the patio window. As he got older he sure became very vocal and always let me know when he wanted my full attention. I lost Angel on October 26th, to kidney disease and my heart is so broken and my house is so empty without him. I will always miss you and love you with all my heart. I know you are at rainbow bridge now still being my Angel.



2018-4-1In 2009 we had lost our pet cat. We had previously had cats and dogs. We planned to wait until the spring of 2010 to search for a new dog. At Christmas our friends asked if we would be willing to take in their dog, Daisy, because their grandson who they babysat was highly allergic. They had gotten Daisy in 2006 after she was dumped at a Chicago doggy daycare with her left eye hanging and the people who dumped her left a note stating she was 1 year old. The daycare took her to a VCA Animal Hospital where the eye was removed & sutured closed plus she was given shots & she was spayed. Our friends son in law worked at the daycare and he brought her to our friends to adopt. She came into our life January 2, 2010 at the young age of 4 years and 4 months. Daisy was a pug mix. Black with a white streak on her chest & the pug curled tail. Her face became grey as she aged. She fit into our family perfectly. She wasn’t tiny nor was she big. She was 23 pounds of lively energy. We loved her & she loved traveling with us on our camping trips in our travel trailer. We both retired in 2011 and we daily went for walks with her. We said it was for her health, but it was a good excuse for us to get up & out. She loved everyone. Our daughter & husband live in CT with their German Shepherds. Twice a year we would travel to CT and Daisy happily ran and chased her bigger “cousins”. Daisy loved her food so we had to watch her treats so she wouldn’t add on too much weight. She loved mini carrots & the end of a banana when we had one. She would sit & cry waiting for them. Over time she developed a benign growth in her mouth, epulis, a benign growth near her eye, papilloma, and had to have some teeth extracted. She never seemed to be bothered by any of these minor surgeries. She received excellent care from the doctors at Millcreek. At the end she stopped eating on Sunday & we knew there was a problem. After trying different food, medications, blood work, x-rays & finally ultrasound it was diagnosed that she had a cancerous liver & spleen. She had become so weak that she could barely walk & we carried her. So on Friday, October 5, 2018, of the same week we made the tough decision to euthanize her to end her misery. It was a very difficult thing to do, but her quality of life made the choice easier. We had 9 wonderful years with her & of course she will be missed. Our special thanks to all of the Millcreek doctors and staff that cared for her over her time with us.

Joe & Ann



JakeJake was a rescue, adopted in 2007 through a Cocker Spaniel Rescue. I found him via their website and couldn’t imagine how anyone could give up such a handsome guy. Jake was a little nervous and shy at first, but in no time he became a best friend, loving companion, walking buddy and my little sweetie. Jake the Dog brought so much joy and love into our lives, and he will forever be missed. He was both a comfort and joy during some very dark days and the best therapy anyone could ask for! Jake loved to go for a long walk and could spend hours with his nose to the ground, sniffing and picking up as many interesting scents as possible. His favorite spot during the day was at the front window watching “doggie tv”, and at night snuggled up on the sofa. Jake was always up for a ride in the car and loved his treats and being with his family. He filled our home and our hearts with so much love and happiness. Our hearts are broken but we are so grateful to have had Jake in our lives. He truly was the best and will be with us forever.
The Sallak Family


Ali (Allison)

IMG_5193Ali (Allison) left our world in her home for 20 beautiful years on Sunday, May 20th, 2018. She was with her pet mom, Wendy, who never left her side. We will miss our tough, very vocal little girl! Throughout her life, she loved her 3 dog sisters & us & outlived all three; Maggie Cleo, Madison Monroe and Gina. She lived a healthy loving life! She made the house always complete! God keep you in his arms sweet Ali, where you are safe and loved always as we have and will always love you, sweet Allison. XXOO.