In Memoriam

In Memoriam


“God bless Gina who Bob Krug loved so. When Bob passed, Gina was so lost. All the band aids in the world would not have mended her broken heart. I know Bob, Gina and Madison are happy in heaven. I miss them so! God keep them happy and loved!”





“My Precious Queenie 2006-2017. We first met when you were only 8 weeks old and it was love at first sight. You brought more love and happiness into my life than I could ever imagine. From day one you became my best friend and faithful companion. How I miss our play time and especially our “cuddling.” I even miss you mooching and can’t enjoy a meal without you. When we parted, it broke my heart and the heartache and grief will never go away – until we meet again, never to be separated again. Our bond will never be broken and I know you’re with out family and pets in heaven, so I try to find comfort in that thought. Until we meet again, I’m sending you my love, hugs and kisses. Love Always, Marilyn (Sis)”





“Our little Rocky came home with us in January 2006. He stole our hearts on the way home from Crown Point, IN. He was our constant companion for 11 years. He brought us so much joy & happiness! Anyone he came into contact with loved him and he loved them back! No words can express our sorrow in losing him, we will always cherish the time we had with him and the love he brought into our home. Judy & John Sreniawski


Rocky 4-4-17


“Jake joined our family in 2003 as an 8 week old puppy. He held a very special place in our family. He brought us a lot of joy and fun over the years. We will miss him tremendously. RIP little buddy.”




Isabelle (Izzy)

“My wife Diane and I found Isabelle (Izzy) Olson at Animal Welfare on September 20th, 2014. She was brought in as a stray and had been in a cage there for twelve weeks. She was an older dog, about eight, but we fell in love with her right away. Izzy loved to go out for walks and we went at least twice a day, every day come rain, shine or cold. Nothing deterred Izzy from going out. Izzy was the most gentle soul and she would lay next to Diane on the couch waiting for a good rub. I lost Diane on April 29th, 2017 and now Izzy on June 15th, 2017. Thank you Dr. Whittle and all the wonderful staff at Mill Creek for the care given to Izzy and your caring and compassion during the most trying of times with the loss of Diane and Izzy”





“Havoc….how your name appropriately described you! You were my shadow, my Velcro dog. My life will not ever be the same without you.
You gave us a run for our money, but endeared yourself to us forever. You were a good dog, a smart dog and a loving companion to us and to Bailey and Jezabel. It breaks my heart that we had to let you go. You fought your health problems like the little trooper you were. I know the last few months became a harder fight, but still you went on. Rest in Peace, my Little Man, my Baby Boy. We love you.”RIPHavoc