In Memoriam

In Memoriam


skylarI was damaged from losing a previous dog.  I swore I’d never fully give my heart again to another dog…. but you stole it when I wasn’t looking. With your big bat ears, and soulful eyes and being the best behaved dog I’ve ever encountered.  Best friend to a young boy growing up, best friend to Grandpa in his last years.  Able to tell time to the minute (4:00 will always remind me of you and your food dance…..time to eat!) Walking and exploring buddy.  Happy to see everybody!!  There’s a big empty hole in a house that used to be filled with the laughter and yapping of two young best friends playing.  You will be forever loved and missed. Love, Sue, Jeff and Emerson
I miss the wagging little tail;
I miss the plaintive pleading wail;
I miss the wistful, loving glance;
I miss the circling welcome dance.
– Henry Willet, “In Memoriam”



HeidiCurryHeidi came into our lives 14 years ago. She was a wonderful companion, she enjoyed our company and we enjoyed hers. She was a good watch dog, her sharp eyes and ears didn’t miss much. She had a gentle nature and loved her back yard. She would chase school buses, mail trucks, and loud trucks. She would run across the yard until they were gone. At night, she loved chasing the lights from cars and airplanes. She loved laying by your side on the couch or in the bed, In her younger days she liked playing tug of war or keep away. We will miss our puppy.







Ollie Heiser-Simonich

OlliepicOliver Jonas Queen-Heiser-Simonich
professional beggar
eat, sleep, cuddle, repeat
Zoom the stairs
Take all the walks
Explore the forest
Sneak under the covers
Truster of few,
adored by plenty
He was with us for a short time
but will always be family


Cooper“Cooper was a part of our family for 9 years. Cooper was . . . a hand full at times. He had some anxiety, some weird health stuff, and got himself into trouble more than a few times. Despite all of his craziness, he was an amazing big brother to our kids who are now 7 and 3. He was patient with them and loving to them always. Although I have never been much of a dog person, Cooper will always hold a piece of my heart. He was with us through some of our highest highs and lowest lows. We love you Cooper! “




PoopieDonovan“Mommy and Daddy loved you so much. December 13, 2016, our hearts were broken. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about you. You will be in our hearts forever.
Yes, you slept under the sheets of our bed. You would creep up to my face and lick over and over. I would laugh and laugh. I would say to Poopie, “It’s Daddy’s turn.” Poopie would go to Daddy and lick him over and over. Once Poopie stopped, she would sit at the edge of the pillow and wait for Daddy to turn his head. It was then that she would lick his other cheek.
Poopie, the love you gave us will always be remembered. When it’s time to see the Lord, we will be looking for you. Our love for you will always be in our hearts and soul.   We love you dearly,   Mommy and Daddy”





VinneyVinney came into my life 10 years ago along with his brother Guido.  They were barely a year old.
From that moment he has brought love, joy and happiness to me.
I will miss his warm and friendly disposition, but mostly always wanting to be by my side.
Thank you Vinney for all the wonderful memories.
You will be missed not only by me,but my family and friends, and your brother Guido.
We love you…”



ervLb6ME4GD2rQ9FW-a67TANsT4s8hqsbQJ“Yesterday we lost our beloved best buddy, Zoe. She was a rescue dog from the local animal shelter and immediately was the one for our family. She was loved by everyone and will be remembered for her unconditional love to all of us. We’ll always cherish all the good times she brought to everyone, especially how she always greeted us with love and affection. Those are the memories we will hold on to. RIP to our loved Zoe!”



queenie“My Precious Queenie 2006-2017. We first met when you were only 8 weeks old and it was love at first sight. You brought more love and happiness into my life than I could ever imagine. From day one you became my best friend and faithful companion. How I miss our play time and especially our “cuddling.” I even miss you mooching and can’t enjoy a meal without you. When we parted, it broke my heart and the heartache and grief will never go away – until we meet again, never to be separated again. Our bond will never be broken and I know you’re with out family and pets in heaven, so I try to find comfort in that thought. Until we meet again, I’m sending you my love, hugs and kisses. Love Always, Marilyn (Sis)”




Casey Peyton

image“Casey Payton was a very treasured member of our family. He will always be remembered as my protector from vacuum cleaners, doorbells, and moths.(lol). I’ll miss your morning kisses and cuddles. RIP Casey… You will be greatly missed.”


1999 June Kitcha in the grass (2)“Sadly, today we had to say “goodbye” to our sweet Kitcha. She was with us for 18 years. Kitcha was a playful, gentle cat who brought much joy, peace and comfort to our home. We have many fond memories and photos of our children playing with her and growing up with her. The last few days have been very difficult, but she knows that she was loved and will be missed. She was a darling pet and friend and there will never be another one like her.”












IMG_0053“Jake joined our family in 2003 as an 8 week old puppy. He held a very special place in our family. He brought us a lot of joy and fun over the years. We will miss him tremendously. RIP little buddy.”





Isabelle (Izzy)

IMG_3046“My wife Diane and I found Isabelle (Izzy) Olson at Animal Welfare on September 20th, 2014. She was brought in as a stray and had been in a cage there for twelve weeks. She was an older dog, about eight, but we fell in love with her right away. Izzy loved to go out for walks and we went at least twice a day, every day come rain, shine or cold. Nothing deterred Izzy from going out. Izzy was the most gentle soul and she would lay next to Diane on the couch waiting for a good rub. I lost Diane on April 29th, 2017 and now Izzy on June 15th, 2017. Thank you Dr. Whittle and all the wonderful staff at Mill Creek for the care given to Izzy and your caring and compassion during the most trying of times with the loss of Diane and Izzy”



RIPHavoc“Havoc….how your name appropriately described you! You were my shadow, my Velcro dog. My life will not ever be the same without you.
You gave us a run for our money, but endeared yourself to us forever. You were a good dog, a smart dog and a loving companion to us and to Bailey and Jezabel. It breaks my heart that we had to let you go. You fought your health problems like the little trooper you were. I know the last few months became a harder fight, but still you went on. Rest in Peace, my Little Man, my Baby Boy. We love you.”



Chopper.minimized“Chopper Wydra was a birthday gift given to my son by his girlfriend. Someone failed to tell Choppie that he was Anthony’s dog though, because at the birthday party, this little sad eyed puppy followed me everywhere and won my heart. I would pick him up on weekends and take him hiking in the forest preserves. When Chopper was six months old my son moved back home for awhile and of course, Chopper came with him. And, as they say, the rest is history because my son moved out but Choppie became my perpetual 3 year old. We took daily hikes in the woods. It took Choppie to show me what a beautiful area we lived in. He liked winter the best, trudging through the snow and jumping on me when I’d fall after hitting a sheet of ice. After rains he’d hit every mud puddle in site. Car rides, while wearing his Harley googles, brought him such joy. What a comical site he was with his jowls and ears flapping in the wind. When people visited he greeted them by pounding on the treat door until they gave him a treat. Only then were they allowed to sit down and visit with his parents. Some dogs play with balls and so did Choppie. But his ball was 3 feet in diameter and he would chase it from one end of the field to the other.
For the last twelve years Chopper has been my shadow and the entire family’s naughty, impish 3 year old. He left us with such good memories and we will meet again across the rainbow bridge.”