Thanksgiving Safety Tips

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a wonderful season to let family and friends (even the four-legged kind) know that they are appreciated.  As pet owners, we tend to let our furry friends know they are loved by offering treats they normally wouldn’t have, such as turkey, bread, and sweet desserts.  Just like any other time of year, we need to remember not to overindulge our pets. Below are some tips on how to treat your pet.

Gobbling Up Turkey

Please offer fully cooked pieces of turkey.  Uncooked or raw meat can contain bacteria that can cause your pet to become ill.

Sweet Treats

We all know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, and should not be a tasty treat.  Also remember that cake batter could also cause illness due to raw eggs.  A lick of cooked pumpkin pie should not be an issue, if you want to give your friend something sweet.  Remember, the best food for your pet is the diet you would normally feed him or her.

Don’t Load Up On Bread

Raw or uncooked dough could rise due to the heat in the animal’s stomach once ingested.  This could cause vomiting, bloating, or pain.  These symptoms could be so severe that the animal may need to go into emergency surgery.

If you like to more information about keeping your pet safe during the holiday season, please review our care tips to the right, or contact our office.