Ticks – Not just a summer problem!!

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In locations with a consistent mild climate, adult tick populations are most active from October to March. In areas with four distinct seasons, ticks have two active seasons: early spring – early summer and fall. Did you catch that? Fall can be one of the worst times for ticks. Some ticks are not as active during the winter, but some, such as the deer tick, can stay active during the winter months as long as the temperature remains above freezing and the ground is not frozen. A truth that you need to know- ticks do not die off after the first frost and the deer tick actually begins its feeding and hence becomes more abundant around the first frost in the Northeast part of the U.S.

Should you give your dog a tick medicine year round? This is a definite YES if you live anywhere where there is a mild climate or during a mild winter in the north. In mid climates it is best to use a flea and tick medicine to protect against both species. If there is a deep freeze and the ground is frozen, there is no reason to give your dog a tick medicine for those months. Often the weather during winter varies drastically from mild to cold and back to mild. It is always better to be on the safe side and keep your dog protected from a disease.

Lyme Disease: It’s simply NOT COLD ENOUGH in Chicago to stop the deer tick. Deer ticks are active ANY day it’s above 32 degrees. Last January, 68% of the days were ABOVE freezing.