Moose and the Mystery Diagnosis

by Dr. Melissa Conrad Moose, a 2 year old German Shepherd, was presented to Mill Creek Animal Clinic for having diarrhea at home. His parents were concerned because Moose was having diarrhea on a daily basis which was very abnormal for him. Other than his diarrhea, Moose was otherwise doing well with a healthy appetite…

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The Mysterious Case of Lemon the Bobble-Head

by Dr. Abigail Roeters It was two days before Christmas and I was resting comfortably on the couch with all 3 dogs in toe. Lemon being the cuddler she is, was lying next to me and relaxing. All of the sudden she lifted her head and began to shake back and forth almost as if…

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Greg & Juvenile Cellulitis

by Dr. Abigail Roeters Let me introduce you to a little golden retriever puppy named Greg. Greg originally presented to our clinic for a routine puppy physical exam after being adopted by his owners from a breeder in Wisconsin. Greg On his first physical exam Greg had very significant ear infections in both ears with…

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Spike & Blastomycosis

Spike came to visit mid-summer for being a little down in the dumps and for a possible eye infection, as his left eye was red and squinty. He had a low grade fever, and it was clear his left eye was very uncomfortable. The pressure in his eye did not indicate glaucoma, but his vision…

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Lemon – A Case of Neglect

by Dr. Abigail Roeters Many of you have met our honorary receptionist Lemon who spends most of her days lounging behind the receptionist desk and accepting treats as payment. As some of you may know there is a reason behind her name and here is her story. Lemon was presented to my previous clinic as…

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Osiris and the Case of the Missing Costume

By Dr. Melissa Conrad Osiris, a 3 year old Sphynx (an exotic hairless cat), was presented to Mill Creek Animal Clinic for not feeling well for a couple days. Osiris had several episodes of vomiting over the past weekend with small pieces of cloth appreciated within the vomit. Mom had been working on her Halloween…

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Madison and the Meibomian Gland Tumor

Dr. Melissa Conrad Madison, a six year old Labrador Retriever, was presented after her owner noticed a bump on Madison’s left eyelid. The bump had been present for a few months, but Madison recently started rubbing her face on the carpeting and pawing at her eye. The bump on Madison’s left upper eyelid margin was…

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Canine Bloat: Treat & Prevent

Canine bloat, Gastric Dilitation and Volvulus, and GDV are all names for the same condition. It’s a very scary problem that comes on very fast, and requires action just as fast. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? Bloat is relatively easy to recognize. If your dog looks like it swallowed a watermelon and is lethargic, he needs…

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Cat Play

Cats are intelligent and agile creatures. During play, a kitten or an adult cat makes full use of its surroundings to provide itself with mental and physical challenges. Particularly attracted to moving objects, cats investigate new things on ground level or elevated surfaces alike. Play allows a young animal to practice important life skills without…

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Collars & Harnesses

Dogs that pull excessively can put their owners at risk of injury, as well as making daily walking a chore and an annoyance. There are several options to help reduce pulling, but there is no “magic” collar/harness to stop the behavior. TRAINING, TRAINING, and more TRAINING combined with a specific collar or harness will give…

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