Calorie Count in Common Dog Treats

Treats Calories Treats Calories
C.E.T. Hextra Petite 50/piece Gravy Bones Lg 80/piece
C.E.T. Hextra Med. 40/piece Hill’s Science Diet Light Treats 14.8/treat
C.E.T. Hextra Lg. 64/piece Iams Biscuits -Original Large 137/piece
C.E.T. Hextra XL 122/piece Iams Biscuits -Original Small 31/piece
C.E.T. VeggieDent Small 85/piece Meaty Bone Medium 64.2/bone
C.E.T. VeggieDent Reg. and Lg. 119/piece Milk Bone Small 20/piece
Hypoallergenic Treats 17/piece Milk Bone Medium 87/piece
Lean Treats 7/piece Milk Bone Lg 115/piece
No Grainers Chicken 17/piece Milk Bone XL 225/Piece
No Grainers Fish 17/piece Milk Bone Puppy 10/piece
No Grainers Pork 17/piece Milk Bone Mar-O-Snack 30/piece
Pill Pockets Lg. Beef 29/piece Pedigree Lg. Dentabone 300/piece
Pill Pockets Sm. Beef 11/piece Pedigree Med. Dentabone 188/piece
Pill Pockets Sm. Chicken 11/piece Pedigree Sm. Dentabone 105/piece
Restricted Calorie Rewards 13/piece Pedigree Reg. Dentastick 70/piece
RX Diet Canine Treats 15/piece Pedigree Sm. Dentastick 49/piece
Sam’s Yams Big Boys 80/piece Pupperoni 21.3/stick
Sam’s Yams Veggie Rawhide 40/piece Purina Lg. Busy Bone 618/piece
Sam’s Yams Bichon Fries 20/piece Purina Sm. Busy Bone 309/piece
T/D Regular Bites 18/piece Purina T-Bonz 42/piece
T/D Small Bites 9/piece Snausages Beef Flavor 17.4/piece
Treats for Dogs 14/piece American Cheese 97.2/slice
Alpo Liver 13/piece Apples 18.3/wedge
Al’s Grill Burgers 36/piece Baby Carrots 3/piece
Al’s Grill Drumsticks 10/piece Bologna 87/slice
Al’s Grill Riblets 36/piece Breyers All Natural Vanilla Ice Cream 280/cup
Al’s Grill Steaks 16/piece Cheerios 110/cup
Beggin’ Strips 30/piece Goldfish Crackers 2.7/piece
Chew-eez Beef Rawhide Strips 60.6/piece Kraft Cheez Whiz 45.5/tbsp
Chew-eez Chicken 60/piece Liver Sausage 92/ounce
Frosty Paws 140/cup Peanut Butter 96/tbsp
Gravy Bones Sm/Med 35/piece Popcorn – Air Popped 31/cup
Popcorn – Orville Redenbacher Light Butter 20/cup
Potato Chips 149/ounce

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