Microchip IDs & Cancer

Can Microchip Identification Cause Cancer? Recent stories circulating suggest that there is a link between the microchips used in identifying pets and cancer. Why is this being suspected now? Previous Presidential candidate Tommy Thompson has been quoted as being in support of the microchips in humans and there are questions about his interest in the…

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Food Allergies

An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity to a substance or substances usually protein in nature which is perceived by the body as foreign. Signs of allergies in dogs may manifest as itching and in some cases diarrhea. Food allergies account for only about 5 to 10 percent of all allergic reactions in dogs….

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Cats Eyes

Eyes and Vision Did you know that the volume and weight of a cat’s eye in relation to that of its body is greater than that of any other mammal? The eye of the cat is situated at the front of the head, as with humans, which means that they have to turn around to…

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Sprayed by a Skunk?

Skunks are often coming around your home in in search of food, so if there are skunks around, you probably have lawn grubs. Get rid of the grubs and you will probably get rid of the skunks. Paul Krebaum, a chemist, invented a new more effective formula for de-skunking a dog. Mix in an open…

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Heartworm Disease

In dogs, heartworm disease is a parasitic infestation that affects the heart and lungs.  Adult heartworms grow up to 10 to 12 inches in length and populate the heart and pulmonary (lung) arteries.  This population can cause lung disease and heart failure. In cats, in addition to affecting the heart and lungs, adult heartworms can grow 5 to 8…

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Collars & Harnesses

Dogs that pull excessively can put their owners at risk of injury, as well as making daily walking a chore and an annoyance. There are several options to help reduce pulling, but there is no “magic” collar/harness to stop the behavior. TRAINING, TRAINING, and more TRAINING combined with a specific collar or harness will give…

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Cat Play

Cats are intelligent and agile creatures. During play, a kitten or an adult cat makes full use of its surroundings to provide itself with mental and physical challenges. Particularly attracted to moving objects, cats investigate new things on ground level or elevated surfaces alike. Play allows a young animal to practice important life skills without…

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Homemade Treats

TREATS SHOULD NOT EXCEED 5% OF YOUR PETS TOTAL FOOD INTAKE. If you are using canned product, cut up some bite sized pieces and bake in your microwave for approximately 2 ½ to 3 minutes. This will change the texture but not damage the nutrients, and is an excellent treat for your pet, while still…

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The Facts About Beneful

The question of the safety of Beneful is burning up Facebook and the internet.  The actual facts about the case are still under investigation, so it is incredibly difficult to balance the safety of our patients with the hysteria created by the internet and lawsuits that may prove to be completely unfounded.  To date, there…

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Antifreeze Toxicity

The ingestion of Antifreeze by pets is extremely toxic. Because antifreeze has a sweet taste, it is also one of the most common poisonings of dogs, cats, wildlife and even birds. Often animals are poisoned around their own home due to the improper storage or disposal of antifreeze. As little as a teaspoon can be…

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