The Facts About Beneful

The question of the safety of Beneful is burning up Facebook and the internet.  The actual facts about the case are still under investigation, so it is incredibly difficult to balance the safety of our patients with the hysteria created by the internet and lawsuits that may prove to be completely unfounded.  To date, there is nothing listed on the FDA website warning of dangers in Beneful pet food.  While each person should review the facts and come to their own conclusion, it may be easier to avoid Beneful at this time until more information is available.  If your dog is exhibiting any symptoms of illness, he should be examined.  If your dog is healthy and you feel safer changing diets, transition in the new food over 3-4 days.  There are numerous healthy pet foods available, and we are always here to guide you in making the best selection for your pet.  You may review their web page, and click on FAQ for lawsuit information and rebuttal.

Dr. Whittle

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